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Wrong permissions on several files

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Hey Aslain,


while playing around fighting lags and errors of python.log,

I figured, that the filesystem permissions are set wrong on some files. after running your installer.


I used AccessEnum from sysinternals.com to check the WOT folder. See screenshot.


If I start WOT as Non-Administrator, I get errors in python.log and the game hangs at battleloading screen if I start a random battle.

If I start it with an account that has administrator-rights, it runs fine.


this might also be the cause for the other thread


To resolve the issue, I manually set permissions on the WOT folder recursively.

Procedure (for Win7) for others with issues:

goto Properties of WOT folder > Security > Advanced > Change permissions

Check the option "Replace all child object permissions..." then click OK.



Thanks mate.




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So you were not able to reproduce it? I cannot explain how this should be local, can you?

My only explanation for now would be that your source files of these files have wrong/missing permissions, and these permissions get preserved to my disk somehow.

For the sake of completeness the missing permissions are "Authenticated Users" and "Users".


Anyway, its not a big thing...I will try to reproduce it on another machine on occasion.


Have a nice weekend :)

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I am always installing it as admin. I have not configured any special permission things on this system other than creating a standard user account.


When I tried to launch WOT as a standard user I encountered this problem.


The question is why should these files permissions differ from other files permissions in the wot folder after running your installer.


As in for example: Why has the file _Aslain_logs.zip different permissions than the file _Aslains_Installer.log.



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  • Administrator

Everything is set localy, the installer cannot transfer permissions from my pc to your computer just like that, without my knowledge.


Basicaly I do not touch permissions at all, I do not set it up as well, everything is default.


Something localy is doing this to you.

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