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BADoBEST v1 Side Panels

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Odd issue with this BADoBest V1 side panels. When the option to display Ship Icons is selected using the WoWs option, the icons will display when the battle starts. But as the enemy teams icons are reversed, I use the Custom option (which displays the icon correctly). Using the Custom option, the icons are not displaying at the start of the battle. I have to got into the options and change from Custom to WoWS and then back again to Custom to display the ship icons. Then the Icons will display. The Icons display on the Battle loading screen either way.


I'm using BADoBEST v1 side panels with MajorRenegades's (MR) V3 icons. I don't thinks its an issue with the Ship Icons, I believe I changed to MR v4 and still had the issue. I don't remember. I looked at the Python logs, but there are so many errors, I'm not sure what is what. Everything else seems to work normal/fine.


I did notice a recent change where that MR ship icons don't display on the ship carousal in port. This started a few updates ago, but I don't think its causing this.


Loading with WoWS setting:



Loading with Custom setting:








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