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FPS loss to the extent of dropping to 20 FPS from over 120!

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I'm using the latest Aslain Mod and also I'm not sure whether it is the Mods or my PC. Still asking here, as this forum seem more active and helpful than WG Forum! The problem as I stated in the Title is sudden loss of FPS. It's happening in every mode, Random, Frontline - everywhere.... I changed my usual settings from Ultra to Minimum and still find the FPS loss happening! It is so frustrating when it happens, like I'm going towards a bush in my Leo PTA and suddenly the frame freezes and in 1-2 secs I am outside the bush and bam! A hit from E 100 and I'm dead!

I cant be sure what the problem is, if it is the Game (from WG side), the Mods  or my System. I am using a Ryzen 3600 Processor (3.6 Ghz), with Win10 Pro, 12 GB Ram, Galax GTX 1660 Ti. The game is installed on the C Drive which is WD SSD, 256 GB ( I forget the model no.).

Any idea, help would be highly appreciated !!!!

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