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Howdy Aslain,


What is the significance of the numbers in the individual tank carousel or where can I find a definition to them. I have an idea of most, but the one that really perpexes me is the most top middle of each tank section (such as [6-8]). Sometimes it is difficult to find on line the meanings, purposes, and definiations for some of the mods.


Thanks for being here and the grrrreat mod installer,

boogiewheels (alter ego of SgtGrayarrow) o7



As children, my siblings and myself, would ask our father, "What did you do in the war (WWII), Daddy?" We found out that he was a corproral in the 44th Infantry Division in an anti-tank company whom earned a Combat Infantry Badge. Oh!!!! What he said was, "I shot them in the boogie wheels and then killed them." I've also heard a few times the verbal meme, "Kill or be killed."


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The [6-8] is expected tiers the tank can fight in. 

The rest is according to wich configuration you have.



Tanks winratio

Battles played

Average kill


Average damage (sometimes average WN8)


P.S  Both my grandfathers fought the russians in WWII. One was in supplies and delivered food and transported bodies et.c. 

       The other one was wounded in the great fight at Summa. Hope our generations never has to go through that.

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Grandorf o7,


Now that I read it that makes sense. Thanks for that info.


A very sincere salute to all our forefathers whom participated in all conficks and wars or what you may call them. I just recentally saw a documentary of the battles and war that Finland and Russia fought. It also related the politics of the two combantants and I understand that aspect.


I too was in the military. Joining in 1966 after graduating from hich school I "chicken out of the draft" and joined the US Air Force and became a Medic and Dental Tech. I was in untill 1975 which was the end of the conflict in Vietnan. The closest I came to Vietnam was Anderson AFB, Guam. My participation in the effort was support for the B52s and KC135s. My claim to fame is that for two differant guard dogs, that broke their canine tooth on a chain link fence, I made a gold crown for their dental health. At the end of the Vietnam War when the POWs were released and came home I made dentures for a two time POW. Col Kern was a war prisioner for about seven years in the Hahoi Hotel and also was prisioner a few months after being shot down late in WWII. I'm not sure of what kind of plane in WWII but in Vietnam it was a F4. It was an education of my youth.


We all have duties to do in the military and some good, bad, ugly, moral and immoral. I lucked out and had the best job ever.


Salute and thanks again,


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