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How can i change the language.....

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I have the same thing when i startup WoT 

The reticle contains a language i do not know it looks russian or something close to it.

Today i went through the files the mod installed and found alot of ru and pl language files .... i deleted them all and going to see if the mod shows in my language NL or at least in english EN.

I have no idea which mod i choose changes alot of text into that i can not read

Because we can not read nor understand what it does, telling anyone whats wrong makes it harder.

I forgot i mght be able to make a screenshot, but maybe i am lucky and the removal of the different language files might help 


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Some mods are in russian and you cannot do anything about it, if you see a mod in RU then it will be RU no matter what.


Anyway you didnt attach any logs, or screenshots so hard to tell anything more.

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