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High & Low damage roll


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Hello Aslain,

I am sorry for my level of English, I am French.


I've been looking for a very simple mod on the internet for a while now, but I can't find it.


The mod displays on the screen (in a box that can be moved with ctrl + right click for example, like the mark of excellence mod, see at the end) the positive or negative roll percentage of our last shot fired, as well as the total percentage during the game.
It is also possible to think about displaying the percentages of the rolls of the shots received.

The mod display is only done in battle.


For example, suppose I am playing IS7.

I fire the first shell on a tank and do 451 damage. The mod displays :

Last shoot roll damage : -8%

Total shoot roll damage : -8%

I fire a second shell on a tank and do 573 damage. The mod displays :

Last shoot roll damage : +17%

Total shoot roll damage : +4,5%  ( (-8+17) / 2 )

and so on, and so on...


Certain shots should therefore not be taken into account, such as non-penetrating shots, or those causing only critical damage, or shots which cause deaths (indeed, my supposed damage can be 490 in IS7, but I do not only do 236 damage because my opponent only had 236 HP left). Of course, in all cases, the mod does not take into account non-penetrating explosive shots (HE for example).


For the part concerning the shots received, to know if the last shot by the enemy is a high or low roll damage, we must take into account the alpha of the shot that hits us, so the tank that shoots us. Otherwise the mod works like the example given above.


I think this mod is not complicated to program, but requires constant updating every time cannon damage is changed.


I don't know if you know of anyone who can program this mod. If so, I would be happy to see it on Aslain mod pack and I think it will be used by a lot of people. Tell me if you need any more informations.


Thank you for the work you do every day.

Best regards.


(moe mod, just look at the little box)



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Since many months I have on my to do backlog a feature for my "In battle statistics" mod to calculate DMG rng in battle for all shots (counting only shots that makes sense ofc). When I finally find time to do so it would be just copy paste for last shot roll.


Best regards,


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  • 11 months later...

@RamboSushi Thanks for pinging me back to this topic. As for now and the year passed I haven't gone into that macros... Sorry for that 😞

I am busy in real life and modding topics.


But as I see you patiently waited and still need that I will prioritize investigation about that to upcoming weeks.
So in other words, if I manage to find correct way to do so, there is possibly it would be added on next major patch ( or - I don't know which comes next, but just to give you idea what I mean by major patch).


If I didn't, don't hesitate to summon me again to give the update and push me once again.


//Edit: I just saw first news about first test, so it comes next 😉

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