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Having been a long time player of WoT and Wow, I am graciously asking for an Aslain mod for warplanes. There are quite a few clans and people playing the game. I'm sure many would be willing to make gracious donations if there was a mod to be offered for warplanes. Please help us out. Skins, hanger, hud display... Aslain has been so good for WoW and WoT I can only imagine what you can do for warplanes. TY

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I'm surprised how many people actually are playing warplanes. I am with the clan Quid, NA server. 34 members but several clans. Many active players not in clans. The bots have improved. Time for battle is anywhere from a few seconds to 1:50. Gaming has not been doing as good of a job updating game as WoW or WoT. I previously tried the game last year ago and it was dead. In the last few months there has been a lot of activity. Personally, most of my clan came from Wow and WoT but we are enjoying Warplanes much more. If gaming gave more maps and aircraft that would be really nice but I am a loyal fan of Aslain and can only imagine what you could do adding to the game like you did wow. TY for everything you do but I hope you can help warplanes. Its a fun game. If you try playing again, see what you think. TY

By the way, Quid is clan Im with. Good people. Told them I would put in good word but yes, game is active with many loyal players.

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