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No Tank Name on Minimap

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EDITED - correction: 


I thought I had his same problem but I don't.  Instead I see the following, which is almost the opposite.  Weird.


- I see tank and player names fine on minimap.  I also see all the information correctly on the HUD. 

- I DO NOT see tank names or icons on the panels in v1.10.1.4 #01.


I tried a restart just in case, it did start with the modpack being up to date.  The problem persists.  I will just use safe mode until the next update and make a new thread with logs and screenshot if it remains.




- Cap circles also not displaying in this update when Aslains is active.

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You didnt select tank names on the minimap, thats the effect, you actually didnt select anything there, make your proper choices in the XVM minimap branch..


         ----------[ XVM MINIMAP ]------------------------------------

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