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New account - Mod isn't the same as on my main account?

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I just recently started a new WoT account.  I've used to Modpack on my main for a long time.  I thought if using the same PC the mods would be the same when I log into my new account.  Not the case.  The modpack is present, thats obvious.  However it 100% is not using the selections I've made on the modpack that is reflected on my main account.  How do I get this mirrored to my new account?


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21 hours ago, Theolitius said:

are you using the same game installment or do you have the game installed twice on your pc?

if using 1 installment it should be exact the same, only xvm website has small options to show wn8 or WGR etc.

Same game installment.  I checked my PC.  No other version of the game.  I've logged into the alternate account two different ways, just to be sure.  First by simply disconnecting from server and then choosing a different account when I was logged in with my main.  Then, logged out of my main from the game center and logged in with the Alt. account.  Still, garage selections are the same, but the xvm panels, sniper zoom and some other selections are different.  My thoughts agree with your statement.  It doesn't make sense.  Hence driving me a little crazy trying to figure it out.

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the xvm panels can be set here.
then go to settings, there you see a few options for it

the other mods i have no idea really, are you using a mod for sniper zoom? do not forget ingame also has some features, like zoom in x16 x25/horizontal stab in sniper mode/enable server reticle, when you log in on a new account those settings will be default and differ


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