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game not starting?

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after the mirco patch update, I updated the mods to v. game loaded no prb, pick tank, hit battle 


the loading scree that shows a pic 9of the map comes up after the Q ends 


no team list are shown, the game loads in the back ground as you can hear the music and then here game sound of tanks firing, capping and so on


but the screen stays as the pic of the map you are meant to b playing 


tried a few times and same thing every time 


if I play in safe mode the game works 100%


I do not use xvm or and xvm mods 


the same fault/issue happens with v. aswel


thanks for any help

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I see, well this component might be a part of ShuraBB minimap flash file then, never seen this reference before so.


Well, I see no reason for your problems, does it happens often? Have you installed the modpack as admin and playing as admin too? Have you tried to repair your game?

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happens every game from micro patch update and .10


i have always used the same mods, not to many 


i will uninstall all of them and try to add them back 1 at a time 


no not sure about installing and playing as admin 



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ok so removed all mods, repaird game 


installed 1 section at a time 


played a game after each 1


the mini map section caused the issue


only had mini map

                         ;L/ctrl centre and distroyed tank markers selected 


game had same issue where it starts and dosnt load past the map screen, no taem list ect.


closed it down, removed the map mod and started the game and whent straigh into battle with out using safe mode

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