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Mod pack installs but no mods present in game on asia 9.12.03

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I have used ASLAINS mods since I joined this year and am pretty familiar with installs and so on. Earlier today, The game would run with sound and everything else functional, but no graphics. I would have sound and everything else, I was just blind folded and had to go right into the enemy using the mini map and get blown up to leave the game. The first time, I was penalized 3-games for leaving early. I went in and deleted ship skins and sounds mods and that fixed stuff.  The MODS installed for a few games about an hour's worth. Then I quit and started again and had no mods again. Off again , on again.... I always have my info there like gun max range, and torpedo ranges instead of hitting the "H" button...., and I like seeing the direction of the enemy when it is targeted.... but these last few games, the MODS didnt work. so instead of posting to the WOW forum, I need to let someone here know about this stuff...I see someone else has the same issue.  Oh, I ran the WOWcheck and it made me delete all the mods and then I re-installed them and everything worked, until it didn't anymore...


Thank you...LOVE the work you do thank you

Screenshot (50).png


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The MODS have worked for the last 3 days without further input from other than removing skins and voices.


TODAY...I am playing COOP with FARRAGUT and NO MODS loaded.


I have included the log zip below.


Thank you for your help and I hope this helps you see if anything is going on. I noticed a new update .04, installed that but mods still didnt load.


TODAY 1.2.2021, the mods loaded.


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