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Wwise SoundBank creation issue

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I tried to create my own simple mod - gun reloaded sound. Didn't work. I used Audiokinetic Wwise 2017.1.16 and audio file with .wav extension. Down below is my step by step workflow, I would really appreciate you telling me what I did wrong.

1. new project

2. sound import .wav with SFX

3. sound edit -> Source Settings -> Vorbis Quality High

4. event add type play, target to the audio file

5. sound bank add

6. add audio file and event to sound bank hierarchy inclusion

7. generating sound bank

8. copy to res_mods\<version>\audioww\

9. changed "xvm_gunReloaded": "nameOfMyEvent"  and added "myMod.blk" to "soundBanks"  in sounds.xc [ res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain ]


Any ideas?

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