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Different mods than selected

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Hello, I have just installed your modpack.

I have selected all the same mods as my friend. However, for some reason, when I log in, I see completely different outcome.


For example I checked not to show the general chat, but it shows.

I checked not to show time in garage, but it shows.

Only part of statistics of tanks show(I checked more of them).

In battle I dont see the WN8 of the players.

I see different HP bars of tanks.

And so on.


I did activate XVM and we triple-checked that the mods are the same. Nonetheless, I seem to have completely different mods than I selected. Can you help?


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Ok, I solved it thanks to you.


I am not admin on this computer, so I tried running the installer by right-clicking on it and I pressed "run as administrator". I thought that this would give the app every right it needed, but it didnt. I had to change my computer account to administrator and that solved the issue.


Thanks a lot for the help 🙂

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