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Requesting Fire Not Working Correctly

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I have been using this mod pack for a while, slowly adding what I want to use. I finally started wanting to change from the Vanilla OTM markers. As soon as I did this, I can no longer request fire by clicking on the enemy OTM. Before, if someone was behind a rock or a building or a mountain or whatever, I could just click on their OTM and request fire. (I say click on, because I mapped the keyboard shortcut to a mouse button.) But it also does not work even using the keyboard shortcut "T". It just places a marker on whatever your looking at. Like the side of a mountain or something.


I tried reloading the mods. I uninstalled the entire mod pack and started over. I then uninstalled the entire mod pack and cleared the game cache and settings by deleting the folder and repairing the client. Then I played a game straight vanilla and I could once again request fire by clicking the enemy OTM. As soon as I install XVM OTM mods, I can no longer request fire this way. If I install all the other mods and leave the OTM vanilla, except for maybe changing the icons in the Non-XVM section, I can still request fire this way. It's only when I activate the XVM OTM mods that it changes.


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Thanks for responding. I was starting to think that might be the case, but was hoping it was something else. I had googled it and never found an answer, just people talking about you can't request fire through a mountain, never the fact that XVM removes it.


You can still send radio commands, you just have to have the tank highlighted instead of just pointing at their marker. Way more convenient to just point at the marker. I'm kinda surprised someone hasn't modded that in to include that functionality, but then maybe it's a super PITA for what you would get. I wouldn't even know where to start.

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