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Can Improved Primary Crew Icons be Duplicated above Carousel Icon?


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Can you add a remove commander option to Improved Primary Crew? And can you duplicate the Improved Primary Crew icons and place it above the carousel icon?  Or make it movable?  Then I could put it where its handy for me. 
See the Blue Square in the last picture for my suggested location.  I hope wine glass icon (above the carousel) can be used as an anchor location.

Pictures are last to first.  idk how to shuffle them into the correct order.

The latest patch has us moving all over the screen when selecting new ships and placing commanders on them.  Same again when removing commanders and picking a new ship. 
Left Click = Recall commander. Does nothing if no Commander is assigned to this ship.
Right Click = Assign Commander. For consistency.
MMB = Place Commander in Reserve. <<< If possible.

PS  Can you make your icon bigger?  Or have an option to resize it larger?  Its too small on my 32" 1440 monitor.

Aslain - Sorry if this makes more work for you.  Perhaps the wording of your section titles can be changed to make it clear which one I should use when requesting changes to an existing mod.







Improved Primary Crew ss 2021-02-17 13.35.26.jpg

Improved Primary Crew ss 2021-02-17 13.35.20.jpg

Improved Primary Crew ss 2021-02-17 13.35.14.jpg

Improved Primary Crew ss 2021-02-17 13.34.55.jpg

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Change order of pictures
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W dniu 17.02.2021 o 07:14, kartane napisał:

Aslain - Sorry if this makes more work for you. 

Aslain is publishing mostly other peoples mods. Contact with Ollin on EU server, which made this mod. Create a new account and send PM.


Btw. In Aslain pack, in descriptions of many mods, You can find links to appropriate mod thread.

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