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  1. Aslain is publishing mostly other peoples mods. Contact with Ollin on EU server, which made this mod. Create a new account and send PM. Btw. In Aslain pack, in descriptions of many mods, You can find links to appropriate mod thread.
  2. I don't like changed standard port music too. A i know, there are others people which have the same view. Removing those win/lost is teoretically possible, but with every patch files are changing so this is some work to do. I've used wowsunpacker to unpack content_music_port.bnk from banks/ultra, high, low (it depends form Your sound quality). Then I have used bnkextractor, converted this to .ogg. And all sounds are in many parts, some probably are missing too, becouse used programs. So You can do nothing here. Second thing is logic of this music, to not play victory/lost at all.
  3. Why You did not check Yourself ? Load half of your mods, play in coop/test room (I am WoWs player, so things can be different). Game is stable ? Load another few ones etc. Very fast You will nail the mod or even mods, which cause You trouble. Single wrong placed dot in code, fault graphic file etc., can affect many aspects of the game from garage to map and game itself. Even wrong mapped keyboard key by modding, can do that too.
  4. Thanks 🙂 I really appreciate these words. I am making mods for WoWs from three years and there is almost no reaction from community, what is discouraging to create them. Admittedly, this is the first mod I created (re-created in that case) and I didn't need one for myself. I speaked about year ago with its oryginal Mod creator MegaDommagam from NA server (who done really good work for WoWs modding. Thank You) and he wanted to end his WoWs adventure. But in that time I had a lot of work with other mods and life stuff, so I said nothing. Not long ago I saw this is the only mod of his which was n
  5. Mod is already fixed and sent to Aslain. Generation of all 20 languages was added. Wait for modpack update or generate proper files yourself from: [0.10.1.X] OdTo GFX/UI mods 6. Gun calibers in mm/inches v. 1.2
  6. Ollin mod is draggable by mouse, so move it whatever You want.
  7. Thanks for information. Indeed there is a problem. Working on it. edit. Fixed and sent to Aslain 🙂
  8. Will look at it, but it will take time as always, becouse I have work with mods I have already published.
  9. I have done such mod: CV POI static indicator, which is already in Aslain Pack. [0.10.1.X] OdTo GFX/UI mods 5. CV POI static indicator In airplane mode, indicators of CV state are moved to the left side of airplane HUD and arrow pointing to our CV is removed.
  10. I fixed this at second day after new patch arrival at forum, but becouse I was very busy I did not provided this info to Aslain. I did this today, so it will be fixed in his pack too.
  11. I've tested it in training mode with different enemy ships. WR is overall random WR on all classes. PR is taken from Proships and is shown for given class of ship: cruiser, destroyer etc, but this can be changed to another values ex. all WR, class WR, DMG, amount of battles. I have a question. If it is working for anybody in ranked mode ?
  12. It happens when texture is removed from the game files after patch and this alternate texture is used: from file: resources.xml <!-- Texture map to be used in place of missing textures --> <blackBmp> system/maps/col_black.dds </blackBmp> And those letters say: texture not found.
  13. My mod Odto camera as perfectly stable. I am using it with more then 20 mods. For now it has no compatibility version with other camera mods, but I am working on automatization of this process. Soon it will work again. I checked Aslain installer and included version of camerasConsumer.xml responsible for camera settings file was unfortunately from old patch, so it crashed. In current version of Aslain everything is ok. If You are from EU server, You can always write about possible problems with this mod in thread at WG site: Odto Cam
  14. It's nice that somebody likes my port mod :-). At first I made it for myself, then I published it for a few months. There was any response about it, so I resigned to make a new public versions. After a few months after how Aslain agreed to include it in his pack, I published it again, but still had no info that anybody is using it, so my involvement in its creation has diminished to some extent. Compatibility between different mods after WG patches was made by hand and it took some effort. I am working on automatization of this process. Please have some patience, becouse it takes a
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