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  1. This is the MM you should use: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/593573712054321153/667158223341486101/WoWs_Monitor_Web_Setup_1.0.0-beta.5.exe https://monitor.pepespub.de/
  2. It was written in change log v.8.7.1 #04 that it was removed but i dont have any idea why!?! It was working perfectly so i never downloaded that one. Now of course with a new version i have no choice. Mybe Aslain could tell us why it was removed??
  3. Thank you Stewie, latest version works fine now on Steam :).
  4. tha map is Trap (think its called so), the one where they moved all islands north-east. Its Fugestu
  5. In Trap map the islands are located wrong.....so i died haha
  6. Sorry to hear that. I suppose i use bin64 and on Steam. MM not working if you use replay option in modpack so make sure that is not checked. However i install MM with the modpack and then go into the WoWReplayMatchMakingMonitor folder and just unzip and overwrite the files with MM Thats how it works for me.
  7. Have you tried my solution? Also, i do not use the replay option at all in Aslains modpack since it messes with the replay folders...
  8. Doesnt work anymore after MM, at least if you play on Steam. https://github.com/jammin411/MatchmakingMonitor/issues Solution: Download version and use that instead. If you install MM with Aslains mod just overwrite the files with (.....Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\World of Warships\bin\1491147\WoWReplaysMatchMakingMonitor) Seems to have a problem with latest update anyway (, sometimes it doesnt update for new battle. Solution: Click on the 3-dotted settings icon at the top right, just clicking on it shows the new battle I attach the MM MatchmakingMonitor-
  9. I cant understand russian but it seems correct as to how we explained it above.
  10. And you also use the bottom scale for DDs. The explanation was if DDs 10 sec away and DD is travelling at 40 knots you double the scale. So in this case you would shoot at 20 on the bottom scale. Then you would have to learn the difference between the different ships lika always.
  11. Matchmaking monitor still dont work. Same problem. Replays are put in a sub folder with mod pack wich is wrong. Matchmaking monitor looks for replays in replay folder. Not replay/version. For steam its version that works. and doesnt work with Steam. I first tried it with the mod pack install wich is mm version I overwrote the files with as always but still dont work. So unfurnately i cant use the Replay from mod pack since the rework.
  12. Aah ok. And you dont run the battle loading screen etither so sorry cant help.
  13. But wait a second. goes live tommorow, at least for EU. Have your server already got or have you installed the mod pack for into game version I play on Steam so might be different i dont know. Otherwise i heard its the battle loading screen that makes the game hang. It does so for me every 2:nd battle of the day so i have to close wow from task manager and restart. Then i get into the game.
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