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  1. It actually worked this time around. Did a repair in the client. one file was missing wich seemed to be big since it took a long time downloading.
  2. Arms race crashes all the time, only works for a few seconds Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  3. C:\Games\World_of_Warships_EU preferences.xml
  4. Noticed this as well. Probably because they changed something from WG. There was a notice that users could set it themself. i did it in the config file. At the bottom you just change the value.
  5. I think you will get out of it by klicking Esc on your keyboard. I think it happend when another pop-up was active so some hierachy there of some sorts. Happend twice to me but its not that important and the mod is an absolut must so you dont have to go to the rediculous animation on the supply ship.
  6. OK so it might be so that all changes is made in the files i mentioned before.
  7. It actually happend to me as well but only one time. After a little short while it was normal. Dont know what or why that was, maybe as simple as internet connection or something
  8. Well i suppose its fine if you just want to extend the line (i dont know) but there is files for the configuration as well that changes the behavior. The files are in this folder: World_of_Warships_EU\bin\4365481\res_mods\gui\unbound2\pc\crosshair The top numbers are for 30 knots and bottom for 20 knots. Dont know if changing the length of the line changes this. Personally i would like it shorter so i dont have to zoom out for the faster DDs.
  9. I´m also missing that mod. Any news of it coming back?
  10. Ok THANK YOU 🙈, i will investigate a bit better 😂
  11. It looks to be attached to Autospy sidebar but not sure, cant find the setting to turn the info panel of. Its terribly anoying since its right in the way when you are shooting depending on minimap size of course, would be ok if it was down the bottom of minimap. I also dont need it since i already got mod for enemy info next to the navigator.
  12. Found a problem with this mod , at least with my setup and it started with It´s only possible to choose 1 checkbox. After clicking 1 box the window closes (supposed to stay open to choose more options). It is not possible to open it again when left clicking, it doesnt react at all. The only thing that works is to right click to reset all. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  13. So what i did is to go to the folder: Copy all the files then go to: Now paste the files and you are good to go. HOW EVER if your chose of mods work i dont know but mine is fine at least to log into the game but i have not played yet:
  14. This is not strange at all, since this moring WOW is in version: The modpacks are for version We need Aslain to update the modpack. If i remember correctly you can move the files yourself and rename the version. At least i did this a loong time ago but of course some mods might not function properly but most likely will work since it´s just a micro update
  15. Hold Ctrl-button to control your mouse ingame, click the cogg wheal on top of the left sidebar then make all your choises
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