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  1. Oh yeah same problem where only a few infos are showing. Think i used Roslich while waiting for Hakabase that doesnt have as many infos. Is there a cashe folder to manually throw away or something that are causing this maybe?
  2. That fix worked nicely, thanks Aslain.
  3. Hahahaha, OMG it was just that easy to drag the other part. So its fixed haha
  4. The latest update with more filters creates a mess on screen. It now makes 2 rows and it overlaps other things as you can see. Dont remember if thats another mod wich makes it possible to choose modules and flages etc...
  5. Solved with update #16. Commander skills and companion update seems to have solved this
  6. Here is one. looks normal but you cant click in boxes. This time its Halland and i cant turn my detection and range for AA. However if i click to turn it on its on the next time i start a battle. So something gets "registered" but something blocks it from happening in current battle with the commander skills installed
  7. Funny, 2 updates ago i added the comander skills and companion mod. Since then i cant change setting in Autospy but only for T10 Småland. The setting is like greyed out and detection zones is all over the place. I now installed #12 again but without commander skills and companion and now i can change the setting on Småland again. It might be on other ships as well just that i have not tried that many. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  8. Suppose its this mod that just got updated. Says signal is mounted but you cant see it. Well if you got very very good eyes you can see that the mounted signals is a tiny little bit brighter then the ones that is not mounted but you really have to stare and concentrate to see it. Hope the creator can change this either with making the not mounted ones be more greyed out or a ring around it or something or simply change back to how it was. Right now its very irritating. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  9. Average damage caused per battle and Destroyed are on wrong "lines". Destroyed should probably be 11. There is a 0 without text, seems like that one pushes everything below the background. I dont know what destroyed (medium) means, maybe should be average.
  10. Ok thanks. Is it some kind of sport for wargaming to make it difficult for modders lol. They should be happy people are making the game a lot better and help them.
  11. Hi, Have you heard anything from the minimap modders? Strange none is updated.
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