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  1. Suppose its this mod that just got updated. Says signal is mounted but you cant see it. Well if you got very very good eyes you can see that the mounted signals is a tiny little bit brighter then the ones that is not mounted but you really have to stare and concentrate to see it. Hope the creator can change this either with making the not mounted ones be more greyed out or a ring around it or something or simply change back to how it was. Right now its very irritating. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  2. Average damage caused per battle and Destroyed are on wrong "lines". Destroyed should probably be 11. There is a 0 without text, seems like that one pushes everything below the background. I dont know what destroyed (medium) means, maybe should be average.
  3. Ok thanks. Is it some kind of sport for wargaming to make it difficult for modders lol. They should be happy people are making the game a lot better and help them.
  4. Hi, Have you heard anything from the minimap modders? Strange none is updated.
  5. Thanks, well it can drop when at 85 as well. Short while to like 70. At 100 wich i tried for the first time now it can also drop to like 70. The funny thing i think is that without the mod at all, fps never goes above 75 but with mod set at 100 i get 100 fps. Would be fun to try it even higher but its an old system. AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core Processor with Noctua ND-D15 cooling running at 4500 Mhz on Asus Sabertoth motherboard rev.2 GeForce GTX 970 STRIX running at 1414 Mhz and memory at 1955 Mhz
  6. No problem for me either on 100. What i found and i think is funny is without that mod im running fps around 75. when i set the max to 85 i got 85 and then when i now tried 100 i get...100. Well it drops a bit now and again but this mod seems to be more of a setting to what fps you want, not a limiter.
  7. Well i dont know any python and dont run the mod for putting the time in game since i shouldnt run other mods
  8. With Juger65 and transparant background i got lag in 2 games now, played maybe 5-7 or something. I´m in division with my clan so havent written it down.
  9. ONLY Hakabase light: Småland ok Tallin ok Phoenix ok Orion ok Smith ok Des Moines ok Tallin ok F der Grösse ok Småland ok Halland ok Des Moines ok Småland ok 12 battles no lag with Hakabase light. Autospy was 8 battles ok and then lag every battle, Autospy also integrates with the battle loading screen while Hakabase does not. I will now try to add minimap Juger65 and transparent background with Hakabase light.
  10. Ah ok, yes Hakabase is more important for me because of the nicer UI and radar but im now trying ONLY Autospy and ok after 1 battle with Talllin, i will do 10 and if ok then add minmap Juger with the transparant background since minimap probably is a common mod to use. I´m thinking that since the fps is mostly when there is a lot of things going on like shooting, torps, smoke bla bla bla that it could be something with the same information has to be shown in multiple mods at the same time but i´m no expert haha. ONLY Autospy sidebar: Tallin ok Phoenix ok Lan
  11. Phuha ok, this will be horrible hahaha. I´ll give it a try. The question is how many battles i will have to do, i could do 10 and see without any other mods. Autospy has some nice feutures but one i cant understand is to show smoke for cruisers, would be better for DDs. Hakabase has much nicer UI and radar but it seems from what i can read that the light version is only missing the icons on battle loading and result screen. Is there no other changes because that cant make any difference for fps.
  12. So i should not have any other mods at all, only Autospy sidepanel?? Phuha, no minimap and no fog/anti glare (or what its called). In one way i can understand that it´s not strange that you get fps drops in both Autospy and Hakabase since it´s the same base.
  13. Honestly dont know. It was all the time with Hakabase. Then i changed to Roslich witch works fine. Then i gave Autospy a try and i think i installed at the beginning of a day (8/9). I played (looking at my replayes): 2 x der Grösse, 4 x Furutaka, 6 x Halland and then Tallin and thats when i got this horrible lag again. Unfurnately i uninstalled Autospy after that and went back to Roslich.
  14. Here´s the one in Tallin 20200908_124632_PRSC208-Tallin_15_NE_north.wowsreplay
  15. OMG the lag is back. Worked for 6 battles then i took Tallin and my god what a horrible lag. I will try again but since Hakabase is based on Autospy it might not be strange the lag is back when you choose Autospy. It seemd fine in de Grosse and Halland but whent bananas in Tallin.
  16. :) I just did. yes Autospy has radar and yes it´s better it looks like with some more options. I think i just got overwelmed by the mess... haha. There is a lot of options so you have to go into training battle and really mess around with the setting to get everything set up. It would be good if Autospy would make a standard setting (there is 4 from the beginning) that makes it look nicer like the other sidebars and with everything more or less on one singel line. That would make a better "selling point" of the sidebar and easy to just hit the "reset to standard" button. Problem is t
  17. Unfurnately Roslich does not have radar wich in my view is the most important value to see. Dont know if Autospy has it but i dont really like that one since it is a lot of small numbers in a "a little box"
  18. From the author Stewie on discord: The new wows update broke the monitor IF you have mods that enable versioning. They removed the version folders within the res_mods directory which breaks the engine_config.xml detecting. I will publish an update during the day. update is live
  19. You´re actually right Kasmir. I had to manually select the replay folder in 0.9.8 so something changed BUT dont use the version in the modpack (i suppose its still the old version, but dont know). Install wows-monitor directly from the website or check discord for help. wows-monitor is a standalone program that updates itself.
  20. Btw as i said before with the missing fonts (if thats it) the battle loading screen looks like this now: (no ship icons anymore) (i installed Roslich) Its really sad the other sidebars dont have radar
  21. You´re probably right. I first tried to take away some other mods that i added resently but didnt work. I should probably start with ONLY Hakabase and then add other mods. The FPS problem arrived just a while ago. First i was thinking that i might be a combo when you have mods showing the same thing and the computer (game) is waiting for info for some reason. But i might be a qlue that when i uninstalled Hakabase and tried without modded sidebar the fonts where gone for damage info, i dont know....
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