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Aslains modpack update checker in game bug

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Each time i start game for first time if there is update for Aslains modpack i get stuck on "updating garage" loading icon after i dismiss update reminder. Its like that for some time now was ignoring it for awhile. For now had to disable update checker to avoid having to enter game two times in row.

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Its not my PC, i get connected into WOT and my garage but when Aslain mod updater checks for new version and sees that there is new version it lets me know to download it, when i press dismiss button garage loading again pops up and stays like that. So im talking about mod version rechecking in game it self, while in garage. If i exit and re enter game its fine. Also after disabling Aslains version checker in game problem is gone, but i also updated to latest version of modpack.


Anyway i wont argue if its my PC or not i just wanted to let you know about problem. Maybe no one is reporting problem as they keep modpack updated, i cant update modpack every time it gets release that does nothing for mods that i use as im using other mods as well that i have to reinstall and config them again.

(version that i was on until today was v.

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Mate i dont need help, everything works, im not sure if we maybe have language deference barrier, maybe i didnt explained problem in best way. I dont understand why do you say mod cannot connect to internet? i explained again that both WOT and in game mod version checker DO connect. Problem is with some part of script after clicking dismiss button.


Sadly i cannot attach logs as problems are gone every time i update modpack to new version, but they return soon as modpack version gets outdated, so if you want for your self, not me, i can attach logs when that happens next time you update modpack. I would also send you screenshots to see what i mean.
Anyway thanks for awesome modpack and have good time!

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