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Inches conversion to MM Mode in WoWs is way off on many ships

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The Mod that shows guns in inches with MM also is badly off in many of the ships.   Here is some, but not all that are bad;  TALLINN 13.1 " 20 mm and NEVSKY as well.   RIGA, MOSKVA, & PETROPAVLOVSK ALL ARE 208" 20MM.   SMOLENSK shows 11.2" and 30mm.  KREMLIN is 42.2" 57mm,  T-61 IS 120.3" 8MM, BAYERN 33.1" AND 80MM,  DEGROBE 40.8" 20MM

BISMARCK 33.1" 80mm, THUNDERER 42.2" 57mm, DUNKERQUE 31.2" 30mm, HENRI IV 21.6" 40mm.     I know there are additional ones that are wrong as well and some that are right.    

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THANKS SO VERY MUCH!    I understand many of you who  make and maintain these mods do so as a labor of love.    Sadly I'm sure you also receive a great deal of petty grief from many players.    So I wanted to personally THANK you for your prompt attention to what obviously was one of those things that sometimes slips through to bite us in the butt.    GREAT JOB and a Mod That I love having.  

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Thanks 🙂 I really appreciate these words. I am making mods for WoWs from three years and there is almost no reaction from community, what is discouraging to create them. Admittedly, this is the first mod I created (re-created in that case) and I didn't need one for myself. I speaked about year ago with its oryginal Mod creator MegaDommagam from NA server (who done really good work for WoWs modding. Thank You) and he wanted to end his WoWs adventure. But in that time I had a lot of work with other mods and life stuff, so I said nothing. Not long ago I saw this is the only mod of his which was not continued by anyone and there are people who wants it to be alive.


At first I thought it would take literally a while to write a program like this, but as a result it took me at least 40-50 hours to get everything done and the last thing was correcting single quote for double in inches, becouse I didn't even know that single one means foot.


And now everybody can use it in his native language😉

1291976166_gunsininches1.jpg.2a4914b1a76 721280662_gunsininches3.jpg.58e62dea1d024bd7b62a1a73a7eb906e.jpg




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