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Gnomefather engine sounds stopped?!

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So I removed it and reverted to the stock engine sounds, which works fine - this done running the mod pack AND the game as admin as always, I changed the panels to NDO and lost xvm again... I'm about to delete the mod pack in toto at this rate as I can't track down the issue lol...


Attached log files and screen caps




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Apparently the NDO panels are overwritting the option to display the MoE on LuckyCrusky OTM, thats why you see html instead of the stars. I will deal with this in next modpack.

The XVM stats issue is not related to any panels you selected, it's just you and xvm thing, if you see no stats, you have to activate them on the XVM site, and also delete the token sometimes - I have no control over this.

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No worries, I rather you take the time necessary to recover than worry about mods... xvm shows perfectly well with the change I made but if I change it back the xvm stats go away so I dunno lol... there's a confiict somewhere


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