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Unable to enter Blueprint Exchange

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It seems like the Minimalistic Hangar (or maybe just changing hangars) is preventing me from entering the blueprint exchange.

In the Store I was able to exchange blueprints by clicking on Go To Exchange under Best and swap some blueprint fragments. After enabling the Mininmalistic Hanger I was unable to get in - nothing happened when clicking Go To Exchange.

I did a few tests and it appears that the moment I swap to Minimalistc hangar I can't get into Exchange, but it after swapping back to standard Hangar (Hangar v3), I need to restart game to fix it in (reproduced several times)

Another time after loading minimalistic hangar, changing back to Hangar v3 and restarting client, I could not get into Exchange until I reloaded minimalistic hangar and swapped back to hangar v3 (not game restart required).


Log files attached.


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The garage mod doesn't need to be uninstalled as such, as long as players load the default Hangar (Hangar v3) and restart the game the Exchange can usually be accessed.


As I have trouble reading the tank stats in default garage and the blueprint exchange is only for a couple of weeks, I'm happy to swap back when needing to access Exchange and hope the mod doesn't get removed from your modpack.


And thanks for the quick response, much appreciated.

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