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Crew Exp Extended

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Please see if you can fix this problem.  I realize this is not your mod, but I thought you re-worked it once or something.  Please see screenshot.


Notice in Hanger for Commander says 1/252 for 22% but in service record says 1/6.  Service record is correct because in last battle I only got 246 Exp (sucks - ikr).  


It seems to be updating the numbers when you start the battle instead of after the battle in the Hangar code.  Since the code for the Service Record works fine maybe it will be easy to fix the code for Hangar.


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Seems like a couple weeks ago following one of the updates I was unable to see the additional crew bonus that would show up in  % next to each crew member in the garage for having vents or bia.  It would show the 100%, but not bonus.  Removing crew exp extended fixed it for me.

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