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Badayev, Ling and Barton

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Well this is a slightly different request from my previous one, though somewhat in line with that as well. These are the Battle Pass Commanders, and I wonder if anyone can make a mod that would make them available with the regular Commanders?

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Well just to add...finishing up on all the Battle Pass chapters would not only take long, but also very expensive. That's 50 stages we're looking at, and WG is so darn clever in the Enhanced Battle Pass or whatever where you only get to complete one or so stages, NOT the whole chapter. At least in WoWs last time out in Drydock, when you buy that to complete it, you don't spend much but I guess it's not enough to WG that now you have to spend gold to complete each stage APART from buying that enhanced thingie. Anywho...


So that's why the request for these three fellas here. Especially Badayev since in the video he seems like a cool guy. Would be nice if someone can rip the audio from that video as well for some ingame dialogue, but that's not really essential...

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