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ModXvm sign in procedures

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Does anybody know the proper procedure for signing in different user accounts to xvm web site?




I have 3 accounts for WoT.  Accounts are for me, my wife, and my son.  I only have one computer so we take turns.

When I go to modxvm.com/en I  am automatically logged in as me.  I sign out, then try to login as different account but I am auto logged in as me again.


Things I have tried:


I set WoT to NOT remember me at login screen

Tried with game not running at all

Tried with game running as wife account

Tried with game running but not logged in as any account

Deleted wargaming.net cookies from browser (unified login info) i think

restart browser in between each of these things

rebooting computer in between attempt


According to their web site all you have to do is "go to the official website of XVM, and click on "Activate services" before running additional client."

Well that doesnt work unless you are ALREADY logged in, then it tells you you cant because you already did, and that now you have to start game as new client, which doesn't change anything.

Then they have a link where you can post support questions, only all of the buttons and controls are in Korean.

The posts are in English, but all of the controls I can't understand

In any event, there is a post from 2 weeks ago with exact issue, and it remains un-answered still.


I'm sure I'm just missing something, or I'm just stupid but I could sure use some help, so

If you know the steps to allow logging in as different user on same computer PLEASE post them here.



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Whew - I think I solved the problem.  I'll chalk it up to a translation confusion or something......




  • Make sure to sign OUT of XVM website
  • Sign IN to Wargaming.net as user1
  • Now click the sign in button on XVM, pick region, & presto.......automatically signed in as user1
  • Rinse & Repeat




It seems pretty clear that XVM queries WG environment for user info.  So at this point I wonder why they just don't take us right to the config page.

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