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Wn8 Stats disply only 2 digits in V.45

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I'm having the same issue, WN8 stats are only showing 2 digits.


By the way did a clean install with the cache removal as well.






By the way awesome mod pack!!!!


GWDavis28  | B)


I need logs, your selection choices in whole modpack. All is in logs.

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Ok now I see why is this happens. You all unchecked my XVM Players Panel section, that means the installer is copying default XVM files, and XWN8 is what default XVM is using. No matter what rating you select later. If you don't want it, simply select one of my panels.

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As GWDAVIS noted, I didnt have to set this before and my settings for the mod pack installation have been consistant now since 9.5 came out and I started using Aslain's modpack.


You can see I have WN8 check, but when it installs, it gives me XWN8 numbers.




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I answered few posts above :)


You never had to set it before because it was working like that (was running a script all the time) it was working all fine until recently, that rating script stopped to work properly and sometimes not changing ratings as it should, so I was forced to disable it from running all the time.


Oh well. Default XVM is default XVM I do not touch it, except for changing 0 to 15 hitlog lines.


Now you have to set it up or wait until seriych guy fixes his script

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