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Modpack blocks clan wars games from starting

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On Sunday I joined a CW game and the loading screen came up normally, but the loading bar instantly filled and I didn't load in. I waited about 3-5 minutes and still nothing.


I closed the game and deleted everything in my res_mods folder except for 0.9.6 and the game could start, except I couldn't see any allies or enemies, and the outlines and OTM were completely gone. I had to have my clanmates request fire at them, then I knew where they were and I could auto aim and shoot. 


I have reinstalled the mods several times and some of my clanmates had the bug before - they didn't have a solution though, apparently reinstalling WoT didn't help.


I can load into random and Stronghold skirmishes fine as usual, just clan wars doesn't work.


Thanks in advance



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I reviewed mods you have installed. I do not play CW so I cannot check it for sure. To me looks like some mod is causing it to you, but maybe try to reinstall the modpack without following mods:


               Crew Exp Extended v3.07 by Spoter
(use with care, the mod may cause hangar issues on some computers!)
               Vehicle Exp Extended v2.01 by Spoter
(use with care, the mod may cause hangar issues on some computers!)
if no help then remove these:
          SpotMessanger ("Spotted at..." shall be send to chat) 
            Mav's Ultra Fog Remover
            Battle Assistant for SPG
If still no help then you have to remove mods from the modpack section 1 by 1, and at some point you may enter the CW. If you discover this, let me know.
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