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I'm after some clarification on the "efficiency" statistic displayed on the players panel.  I realise this features in the FAQ post but I still have some questions after reading/looking at this:




My questions are these:

1. "damage" as shown in the equation, I'm guessing this refers to average damage done in the current tank?

2. "battles" refers to the total number of battles I've played using this tank?

3. "maxHP" refers to the maximum starting Hit Points of the current tank?


So if I used my KV1 as an example, I've played 223 battles in it, my average damage is 578 (yes I know that's mediocre) and max HP of the tank is 640.


I tried using the exact number of battles in the formula and I get a result which is 0.004 or similar...  so instead of using the exact number of battles I'm guessing it's rounded to the nearest hundred, hecto?  so my KV1's value would be 2?


so my battle efficiency would be (578/(2*640)) = 0.45 which I presume would be rounded to 0.5 as there is only one decimal place in the players panel?


Are my above assumptions correct?


What number should you be aiming for here, a value of 1.0 or more?  Is there a colour scale for the efficiency number?


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OK I understand that the efficiency number is a ratio, that makes sense...  but I'm still confused as to what all the numbers represent, I go back to my original 3 questions seeking clarification as to what each of the "elements" are within the equation, in particular the "maxHP" item..  this one is causing me to scratch my head the most.

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