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Aslain's Contour ship icon mod

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Hi, first of all I wanted to say I absolutely love this mod. I used to play World of Tanks from ~2012-2017, and this was one of my favorite mods. Recently started playing WoWS and when I noticed this mod is available, of course I had to add it.


Anyway, the bug that I wanted to report is:


Tier 5 American battleship Oklahoma is spelled wrong (Olkahoma)

Tier 10 Japanese destroyer Harugumo is spelled wrong (Haragumo)


These are not exactly game breaking bugs, but since I assumed they are also not super difficult to fix, so I decided to report this. Thanks.



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Hi again, I also noticed that Tier 8 Russian battleship Lenin doesn't have a star in battle next to it, like other premium/special ships.


Also Kirov is named Voroshilov. It's obviously not a spelling mistake, so maybe it's intentional 🤔




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Such issues may occur when a WG introduces a ship in the past, its filename with contour icon contains some letters and numbers, but they sometimes (rararely) may change the ship name that is attached to given file name, and it's nearly impossible me to catch up, unless someone reports it, like you did, thanks!

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Hey, I noticed a couple more:


Tier 5 Russian cruiser Krasny Krym is spelled weird, I think the official English name looks better and adheres to general transliteration of Russian text.


Tier 8 American submarine Salmon is spelled Salomon.


And the third one is German Tier 7 destroyer Z-31


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