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Game crashing when loading round.

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Good afternoon everyone,


I am reaching out as latelly, I have been experiencing the game crashing to desktop (very randomly) when I am loading into a round.

I then have to quickly re-launch WoT and wich will plop me into the game that was loading up and crashed on me.

Sadly, once the round ends, the game will just hang and never get me back into the garage...


Prior to starting to play today, I deleted the python.log and as soon as I crashed, launched the Aslains_WoT_Logs_Archiver.exe.


Attached is the log files and hope someone from the team can assist in identifying the issue.


Thanks in advance!!!




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Checked your logs, but I have not found any clear evidence to cast suspicion on any mod. It will be very hard to find the culprit, that could be a lot of things and not necessarily the fault of the mods. It's easy to find a problem if the game hangs nonstop, and if it's random and rare, it's not good. It seems to me that you would have to remove a few mods and play without them, and if the game does not crash at some point, it can be assumed that it is the fault of one of the removed mods. And so on ...

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