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When will it be safe to update to latest mod pack on NA server?

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Ever since this change log message I have not updated the client:

v4.2.47 (10-04-2015):
- added Ashbane's contour icons VR.R and VR.HP
- added Turret fix aka Chaos Gun by reven86 [synchronizes regular gun with a server crosshair]
- the installer will no longer install paths.xml (the only mod that does now is KT Ambiente, use with care, because after removing this mod, the game won't run anymore without fixing paths.xml)
- it should be safe to install this modpack version on Asia and RU clients without the WG minipatch
I am currently on v4.2.46. I tried updating two different computers to the latet and I get the same JSON error during the loading level screen when trying to enter a battle:
[NO_REF_FILE] JSONxError: file is missing: res_mods/configs/xvm/Aslain/login.xc
        at method id: 3{)[/home/xvm/xvm-build-096/repo/src/xfw/src/actionscript/src;com/xvm/io;JSONxLoader.as:58]
I am assuming that error is related to the message above in the changelog??? If the latest modpack is safe to install on the NA client let me know and I will post a bug in the bug forum.
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