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Tech Tree freezes, have to quit game

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All game is functioning fine, I can play all battle types fine, garage/port also works fine.

When I go into Tech Tree it displays, I select a nation and the ships of that nation display fine.


When I right click a ship the context menu appear showing I can research etc.  Wehn I make a selection here nothing, mouse does not seem to work.  I can select other items on the page by mousing over them and the interface recognises the mouse by "highlihgting" selected items, but I cannot click on them to change, I cannot exit the Tech Tree.  Pressing Enter or Escape do nothing, I am force to Ctrl-Alt-Del to quit the game and canot use my tech tree, which is sad as I have a couple of ships I'd like to research and purchase.


Logs attached.




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5 hours ago, Aslain said:

What selecting do you make there ? When I right click on a ship there, select research, then click No, nothing is crashing on me. I dont want to click yes, because I don't want to research anything atm.

clicking on a ship and seeing the same you are, I click Research and nothing happens, sorry freeze is not the right word, or is it...  Clicking Research should bring up the menu asking me if I want to spend the XP, but clicking Research really does nothing, pop-up menu disapears and then I can hover over menus, they inform me that they can detect my mouse hovers but I cannot click to activate anything, can't return to port, can't open settings, I have to quit.


image.thumb.png.d9d99d19f41b423057e626e30aa58566.pngThis screenshot shows me right-clicking on the Wakeful and then menu appears, then I left click Research and that's when things break, now no menus respond and I can't get back to port.

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45 minutes ago, Aslain said:

It's caused by Crew Assign mod.

ahuh, thanks, I'll disable that now.  Does this mean there's a bug in mod that needs addressing or a cuation (text) to add to the mod-pack?

Thank you for investigating.


I just reconfigured the mod-pack removing "Crew Assign" and not touching any other installed mods, started the client, went to Tech Tree, selected Research and it now works.


Many, many thanks.  👏

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