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Login slow with the pack

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Hi, the Wot Login is very slow after installing the modpack.
Long wait on the sync pane after login mainly.


I'm on a good gaming PC with great Internet connexion.

Without Pack, i'm in the garage very quick.

With the pack is about more 1 minute.


Maybe it's a specific package, but i don't know how to check is a few ones impact more the starting time. (will be very long to uninstall each mod one by one).


Any info about this please ?

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Not sure how I can help here, you also didn't attach logs, maybe some answers are there. Try to wipe out the game cache in appdata, make sure you are installing as admin, and that AV or firewall software is not interrupting the process. Ultimately reduce the mods amount.

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How long it takes you to load the game precisely, 1min? What is your hardware? How many tanks do you own btw?


Installed the same mods, and it took to load to garage:

- 1min 36sec on my account with 56 tanks (1min 29sec without XVM, 1min without any mods)

- 2min on account with 649 tanks


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Confoig : Laptop Gamer ASUS
Ryzen 7 5800H
32Go Ram

Nvidia RTX 3070

2nd SSD for games


65 tanks


- uninstalling Aslain pack + reboot

start + connect -> synchronize message : 25"

synchronize -> garage : 25"

total : 50"


- install modpack (near the same as i can from memory) ; with clear cache

- reboot

- first launch and exit

- new launch :

start + connect -> synchronize : 50"

synchronize -> garage : 1'

total 1'50"


Note : seems start duration may vary, i'll try to restart the game with same mods later avfter a few games to check.

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