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stuck in loading screen with leopard 1

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i posted some screenshots but when i try to play in my leopard 1 i get stuck in the loading screen. i can hear the other tanks move around and i can hear shooting but i cannot do anything. if i move my mouse around i can see the cursors of my teammates move around. as you can see by the screenshots it happened even after i updated to the latest version. so far it has only happened in my leopard 1.


edit: just played three games on my cent 7/1. the first two games ran with no problems. third game i got locked out







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Whats funny is i had a game prior to the lock up in another tank that worked just fine. THEN it quit working. after I uninstalled my game would not even start and i had to completly reinstall WOT.


I havent been able to retest since I cannot reinstall the mod due to the download disconnecting.

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I was having this problem too, I think I narrowed it down to matches where there is a JPE100 in the match. Your log and my log both have an identical line


ERROR: [ERROR] (scripts/client/VehicleAppearance.py, 404): can't load model <vehicles/german/G72_JagdPz_E100/normal/lod0/Gun_04.model> for tank state destroyed - no model was loaded from prerequisites, direct load of the model has been failed



All I did which seemed to fix it was use an old copy of the script file in place of the newer one. After that I could get into games with a JPE100 with no issues.
This is the script I replaced with an older version (which I attached).


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how did you change the scripts?


I just installed an old working copy of Aslains, copied the script file to my desktop, updated to the new version, and replaced the new file with the old file, I didn't actually edit it manually in anyway.

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