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minimap zoom loose setting every time I update.

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Thanks for the reply:


That is what I have always done but it isn't working this time for some reason.  this is what I have


    // Minimap zooming.
    "minimapZoom":         { "enabled": true, "keyCode": 29, "onHold": true },
    // Alternative minimap mode.
    "minimapAltMode":      { "enabled": false, "keyCode": 56, "onHold": true },
    // Alternative "ears" (players panels) mode.
    "playersPanelAltMode": { "enabled": false, "keyCode": 56, "onHold": true }


maybe I messed something up but i checked a backup of this file before updating and it is the same

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It might be that the zoomsize isnt correct. Cant recall where the setting are.

And if this is not chosen to "center" then it seems to not zoom.


    "zoom": { "centered": true, "pixelsBack": 160 }



You could try a different keyCode (key).

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