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Installation - wrong mods

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Oh okey sorry, here is the ZIP file. Now all the mods i have chosen are installed, but i have also some garage mods wich i didnt choose to install. For example in first picture i have stats in garage for tanks,  different HUD (picture 2) in game and also sounds. I am using this modpack for long time and i have never this type of problem. 




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Stats on xvm carousel? You are installing XVM, but you didn't select much in there, so you are getting default XVM options here and there, and in carousel. AFAIR I don't have any xvm carousel option that doesn't come without stats.


I don't know what do you mean by different HUD, you need to be precise and tell what is exactly different there on the second picture.


You're not installing any sound mods, so whatever problems you have about sounds, doesn't come from a modpack.

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