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ModPack Installer v4.3.4 not downloaded

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Hi Dear Aslain.Thank you first your good hard work!

Please my problem the last modpack from today is not downloaded any file only run and run the filename in the installer.Yesterday i had instal previosus pack i had download with 5 Mbyte/sec.

Thank you your answer.With best regards Tibor from Hungary.Without Your mod can't play W.O.T. many problem with the zoom,you become max. zoom and You are dead in 1 minut.Thank you.I make forever 2X zoom in sniper start mode.so is O.K.




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i have same problem.. cant install the files it just running at 5- 10 KB/s and after 10 minutes and 0,10 out of 129mb downloaded it stopds and tell me to chechk my internet connection and i double checked on various of sites there is nothing wrong with my internet connection at all.. i tryed downloading from main link and from server 1 and 2 it is still the same problem.... yesterday i downloaded and installed it all in few mins... plz fix fast cus cant be asked to play with out ur awesome mod :D

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Hi i had watch for the  previously version but get with 5kb/sec.


I download the Aslain own package only 6-7 Mb.

I play today with our xwm config.This is the last chance for playing today.

I had no 1 battle today,but without Aslain modpack i will not play,I make only wrong Win8,and my stat is going down.

Thank you all great work from You!!

But with the zoom i had forever problem come on Max zoom out and I die before i can shoot 1...nice.

We wait a littl time.

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FINALLY!!! i did what some1 above suggested.. waiting until now 02-03 when ppl are went to sleep and then started the download... it took alot longer than usual around 15-20 mins to complete the download and it stopped a few items where i ahd continue but atleast i should have it now ^^ again ty  Aslain for this awesome mod pack :)

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