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I use the session stats mod for wows maintained by DragonTM. There is a problem with the content of the session stats window in Wows. The second tab "KREDITPUNKTE UND EP" (german version) shows some strange values in the first column titled "Hinzugefügt:". The 2nd, 3rd and 6th value out of the table with 6 values give wrong numbers. 2nd: The EP of one battle divided by number of battles (picture shows 2 battles in session) in this session makes no sens. 3rd: free EP is sum of both battles as shown in column PREMIUMKONTO and not value of last battle. 6th: Kreditpunkte: is wrong as shown in column PREMIUMKONTO. 59871 is premium value of last battle. 


I am not sure whether i am right here, but I found no other place addressing this problem.


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If there is no issue. Can I find anywhere a description/user guide of this mod to get an understanding of what the mod shows within this data window?


Assumptions from my side is, first column describes last battle, second column describes sum of battles per session.

If so, the 3rd line of both columns show the same value, which means free xp of last battle is identical to free xp of

session. And this states that first match (out of 2 battles in the attached screen print) had no free xp at all. 


Additionally I would like to suggest to add the values of the base xp (single / sum of session / mean value) to the list of data. 


Who would be the 'ModStation author' you mentioned in your reply. 



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