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Game Crash in Battle

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I did the latest update and added the Serial Number Changer. The first battle loaded, I noticed graphics errors with the terrain, then it crashed during the countdown. I was able to to re-connect and get back in and finished the battle normally. The second battle loaded, same graphics errors with the terrain, but it did not crash for about 2-3 minutes.


The NA archive log file is from after I reinstalled the modpack without the Serial Number changer. The errors are from the NA server.

I also attached my EU archive log file which has not been reinstalled, but has the same install has the NA file did.


Also, this mod is the only change that I have made from my usual and I never have issues like this.


WoT Client 6_21_2022 1_39_25 PM.png

WoT Client 6_21_2022 1_40_23 PM.png

WoT Client 6_21_2022 1_41_44 PM.png

Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip

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I changed the serial number and it worked perfect.


I did not replace the izeberg or poliroid files though. 


The frag counter shows in the garage, but reverts to my selected serial number in battle, unless you zero your selected serial number in the settings.


Played 3 battles and no issues other then the frag counter does not show the number of frags in battle. The overall frag total does go up in the garage after a battle.





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Let's try this one - added more info for me that could help me.
Probably I need to rework a lil bit mod
Thanks in advance for helping 😉

P.S. Don't forget about sending logs!
UPD: I forgot to say - please make clear logs, go into WoT - select 780 - then any other tank - 780 again and go into battle. 
Sorry about that)


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