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Dynamic Crosshairs

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Forgive me if this is a repetitive topic, I've searched previous posts and tried some trouble shooting but still having a problem. 


I recently installed the newest version of the modpack for two reason, first to install the smart horizon dynamic crosshair and second for a minimap mod.  I've installed into the WoW folder but for whatever reason when I boot the game up, the mods aren't loaded.  Is there some bonehead setting or something I'm not doing correctly?  Thanks in advance, much appreciated.




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The most common reason of the missing mods is picking the wrong folder for installation. On your screenshot I see you have World of Warships folder inside World of Warships folder, which is very odd. I suggest to make sure what is the actuall folder with installed game, for this use the game launcher option "Show in folder".



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Wade, the cross hair is on in the game settings tab I double checked that.


Aslain, as for the folder sir, the screen shot I originally sent was the folder opened via the "show in folder" option you're talking about...


this may sound stupid but does it matter if I run it in 32 or 64x?

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