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_96 versions instead of _97

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The installer Aslains_XVM_Mod_Installer_v.4.3.4_97.exe tries to download 11_Wagons_96.7z, when instead it should look to download 11_Wagons_97.7z. Hence, it also does not pick up the correct file in the DLC folder.


While I'm writing this, the installer is now stuck on brown25_dead_tanks_96.7z and I think I have seen the Aslain_GoldPremiumTanks_96 pop up as well. Now Arty_sight_minimap_7_962.7z. And more...


It seems to be a more widespread issue with filenames within the installer not converted yet.


Btw., thanks for the separat DLC download, that's really epic!

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Just checked filenames in 4.3.5 and all is ok, that make no sense your installer is downloading only _96.


Sometimes I leave some _96 because mods werent updated but this is not the case.


Now Arty_sight_minimap_7_962.7z - this is not working in 9.7, I would have no reason to let it be downloaded. I removed this mod few versions ago.

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