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XVM Installer with strange behaviour

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Evening all,


Anyone having similar issues where you complete the Aslain XVM installer package.. However, nothing has actually been installed? 

So I go into my res_mods folder and still see the older 9.6 folder (Still with old mods) and the new 9.7 folder (Empty)


ps. I am selecting full clean install.


I pull this from the Python log:



BigWorld worldoftanks 2.8.0 (compiled at 20:25:15 Apr  2 2015) starting on 04/28/15 19:29:10

INFO: [Config] Default encoding set to utf-8

INFO: [PY_DEBUG] BigWorld Release Client - Content Type: content

INFO: [PY_DEBUG] Checking ./res_mods/0.9.7: mods not found

NOTICE: [NOTE] (scripts/common/fortified_regions.py, 210): fortified_regions.init()

NOTICE: [NOTE] (scripts/common/clubs_settings.py, 33): clubs.init()

NOTICE: [NOTE] (scripts/client/post_processing/__init__.py, 267): The quality = 4 was selected.

NOTICE: [NOTE] (scripts/client/post_processing/__init__.py, 267): The quality = 3 was selected.

NOTICE: [NOTE] (scripts/client/ConnectionManager.py, 159): User authentication method: token2

NOTICE: [NOTE] (scripts/client/game.py, 398): [sPACE] Loading space: spaces/hangar_premium_v2

INFO: PostProcessing.Phases.fini()



Anyone know of a fix?


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