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Add PRIORITY FUNCTION into the installer?

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So I have tried several things, but I havent gotten it to work like it did years ago with ProShips.
In the installer there was ¨run with high priority¨ like a command, start "World of Warships" /HIGH "H:\World of Warships\WorldOfWarships.exe".

Aslain or others can you try to add it so it's baked into preferences or engine_config file?
I feel noticeable difference when running high priority when using a lot of mods.

Found info from the installer:

ProShips_Full for, v1
Istall date: 29-06-2017 17-04

Install mode:
      Just Remove files
      Previously selected list of mods
      Turn on replay saving
      Training Room
      Set high priority for WorldOfWarships process


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