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Some things to help with economic boosts

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I really don't like the positioning of the economic boosts. It's very hidden, can be closed AND WG enabled them by default, making it 100% certain you will waste at least some flags...

2 things would be very useful:


1. Option to remove ALL boosts from ALL ships at once (similar to the remove all camo mod we had...)

2. Put the Boosts very prominent (and clickable) right in the middle of the screen, right over the ship in port. Make it so you can switch between the normal view and the HUGE view and so it remembers which view was selected... So you can enjoy the ship if you want, but if you want to game you have only the relevant info and don't need to look at the ship.


Thank you very much for the hard work, best Mod-Pack for WOWS!!! ❤️

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A mod that removes all Economic Bonuses from all the ships at once, similiar to the remove all camos that we had...

I second the motion.


May I also add, great work on the ribbon and sub ribbon removal mod which I requested, and our wish was granted. 

Much appreciated, Aslain. 

Screenshot (219).png

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I discontinued my Demount All mod because IMHO it is not needed anymore. It made sense when you had tons of signals and camos mounted on lots of ships. When you ran out of a camo or a signal you needed, you had to buy new ones because there was no easy way to find and demount the already mounted signals and camos.


Starting with when you 'mount' a signal it does not get mounted. Same with the eco boosts. If you have only one eco boost, you can mount it on hundreds of ships and you will still have it, until you take one of those ships into battle. The new 'mount' is actually a standing order with the meaning: "WHEN this ship enters a battle, take this eco boost (or signal) from inventory, mount it and consume it" For the players this mechanism is way better than the previous one: all your eco boosts and signals stay in your inventory until you use them in battle.


The issue that remains is the UI: if you are in Port, you cannot tell which, if any, eco boosts and/or signals are going to be mounted. You have to open the eco boost dropdown in the ship panel to see a summary of your eco boosts that gonna be mounted, and only from there can you open the Eco Boost Screen to mount/demount them. Similarly, you have to open the Equipment tab(!?) to see which signals are going to be mounted and only there can you mount or demount them.

Had you been using Aslain's Version Checker, you would have known that I updated another mod of mine, Carousel Extended, to work with the new eco boosts. Among other things it shows your eco boosts and signals and allows you to mount/demount them right in Port. Try it, I think it solves this problem with the UI and doing so it makes Demount All unnecessary for sure.




p.s. You can drag the Ship Config part of Carousel Extended to the middle of your screen if you really wanted to, but it fits right above the ship carousel, under the ship.

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