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Mods is not loaded in game

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After updating to V.18 from V.11 mods was not loaded into the game, but some of the mods removed the original layout (Map) 



on this picture i have installed winrate viewer and as you can see it is not loaded2022-08-01.thumb.jpg.b442b32fb4f41c02c62c50f0c8d79da3.jpg



i had no issues before V.11, but V.17 and 18 gives me trouble. 
I have tried to reinstall the game, and run it in save mode, i have made WGChecker, i have tried to install the same mods in modsstation and that load fine in game.


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2022-08-01 16:59:01.552: ERROR: [Script] [ModsAPI] <type 'exceptions.Exception'>:[Errno 13] Permission denied: u'P:/Program Files/World_of_Warships/bin/5915585/res_mods/gui/battle_elements.xml' happen while accesing P:/Program Files/World_of_Warships/bin/5915585/bin64/../res_mods/PnFMods/ModsInstaller_4_3/../../gui/battle_elements.xml; (, 26036957134916, 281)


You have local issue, not a modpack bug, you should install the modpack with admin priviledges and play as the admin as well, the game cannot be running too durring mods installation. Your issue comes from the fact that mods cannot access their files, antivirus might be also the reason. Check all that things.

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