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DLC downloads 9 kB/s

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I am also experiencing very slow download of DLC [2-9KB/s]. I have downloaded some of what I need from the above link, but running the installer it still tries to download these files again. The worst part is that the updater repeatedly loses connection with the server and so then re-starts the download from the start. It has so far taken me two days trying to set-up your mod for 9.7. It took me 2 minutes to do it for 9.6.

How do I tell the set-up program that the files it is trying to download are already in res_mods?


In case you are wondering - I downloaded teh new AMD drivers in 27 seconds, so it isn't my network...

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I'm having the same problem... Keep trying the download, it keeps timing out. If I download stuff from that link manually, where should I extract it?

Just copy the downloaded .7z archive into C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\Aslains_DLC_cache_97. No need to extract them if you just use the download option to download each module separately. 

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90 mb/s download and same issue ... 9.6 work well but this instaler ??? wtf? i install it and after no mods .... pls fix it i need reinstall wot for 5 times :( (btw i copy them too) still only some mods (stilldownload at max 5kb/s and errors everywhere :( )

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Do I have to do something to those files or just copy to right directory. And then what ? <_<

Once you've copied them to Aslains_DLC_cache_97 (which is located in your game install dir), you run Aslain's installer. When it comes time to download DLC mods, the installer will use the pre-existing files instead of downloading them. (The installer doesn't distinguish between files it itself downloaded on a previous session and files the user placed in the correct folder.)

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