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problems with downloading latest mods

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I've downloaded Aslain's WoT modpacks for years, all of a sudden the ModPack area won't let me. #2 (mirror) doesn't recognize my "client" being present. #3 (torrent) only opens in page after page of "code". Am I doing something wrong? If there is a new way of obtaining the latest mods, please let me know.

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Use 1st link, everything is working fine for sure. So not sure what is your issue. To download via torrent, you need torrent client, however if the modpack tells you client not detected, then you are not installing to the right folder. Double check your path. It doesn't matter from which link you download the modpack, all leads to the same .exe

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I've tried #1 and #2, both clean installs and get the same problem. It reads "no client detected" in red. I go ahead and go through the choices (as I have for 9 or 10 years), launch the game and it comes up "vanilla". I'll try again tomorrow. You are correct, either modpack leads back to same .exe. I appreciate you answering me. I'll leave donation either way tomorrow. Thanks.

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Strangest thing. I went to uninstall wot to make clean install and realized I had 2 games, one listed with a (2) next to it, but not the other. I expanded and found they were identical in files. I uninstalled both of them, reloaded the game. I finally got "NA Client" when I installed the mods. No problems now. Never saw where 2 games with the same title could exist.

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