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Sixth Sense Noise

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I went from version .2 to version .4 and then .5. In versions .4 and .5 I now have a sound when my sixth sense goes off although I have not picked this option. I double checked to make sure I had no sounds checked off. I only use a few mods overall (basic xvm, damage indicator, panel and some mini map mods. Oh and jimbo's crosshair and the SPG mod).

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I still get it with .10


If I select a sound, example Gurls und Panzers, then it switches to that sound as if all is normal. If I then unselect 6th Sense sounds, I still get sound, but now with the last selected sound (in this case, Gurls und Panzers now).

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Nope, can still hear them.  :(


I removed the sounds.xc file all together and it was still there.


No, don't remove, it will act as default if you do this, and defaul is with that line, you must edit it out.


Also delete xvm.fsb and .fev from res/audio/

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