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Map size (inability to change) during game play

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 I have been using the short-cut to enlarge map (briefly suspended over game play) in order to see icons better. My mini map is the smallest version of what use to be three sizes (small, medium & large) I have noticed I cannot change it. Am I missing something?? I mean its hard enough to get the people to pay attention to the map but when its not very visible to begin with, whats the point? This is not helping TEAM play in any way. is there a mod or can one be written/coded back to the large size? I also noticed the option for sizing on Aslain's mod - hasn't seem to work for me. the perimeter colors and stuff yes,  but not map size throughout game play. Is this just me? I would think others would feel the same way!



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To resize the minimap press + - on your keyboard. Have you tried this? Anyway nothing has changed in the game and modpack regarding this, I didn't change the hotkeys to show the big minimap on screen, so whatever is wrong, it's just your pc. You can always attach logs, see my signature.

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