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radial menu text doesn't work

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It would help if you indicated *which* radial menu mod you selected, and if you attached your logs (_Aslains_logs.zip, python.log).


same for me.



Did radial menu change the format? I tried using my old config, and my commands don't work any more. I tried to edit the new config (added <text> entry), but it doesn't get displayed either.

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I can confirm this bug.  I use the 'vanilla radial menu with reload on "C" key':


         Radial Menu v2.5.7 ENG (reload spam with 'C' key)
            Vanilla WoT commands + reload on 'C' key
None of my message hotkeys work in this 4.3.6_97.  I'm attaching _Aslains_logs.zip, python.log, and my radial menu config file (which worked in previous versions).




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